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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Only An Asian Supplier?

We are extremely proud of our heritage but we're more than just Asian. We are the leading manufacturer of many Non-Asian products, PC Ketchup being one of our best sellers. We specialize in portion control condiments and sauces, both Asian and Non-Asian.

Do You Have Any Other Flavour Profiles For Your Sauces?

Wing's actually has achives of unique flavour ideas. We have many great custom product ideas and extremely talented R&D teams who can custom develop any unqiue flavour profile.

I am a Food Distributor, How Can I Distribute Wing's Products?

We have a set amount of minimums, if you are able to meet these, you can purchase directly from any of our 3 facilities. Please contact one of our regional brokers for further information on our "Broker Log In" Page.


What Approval Does Your Purchasing Department Have?

All of our manufacturing facilities are SQF 2000 certified and are regularly inspecteed by the CFIA.

I Own/Operate a Restaurant/Retail Store and Want to Stock Wing's Products...

As a large food manufacturer we have partnered up with many of your local food distributors. Please contact one of our regional brokers for further information on our "Broker Log in" Page where all of the broker's emails are listed.

Why Wing's?

Wing's is the most recognized Canadian manufacturer of Asian Food Products. We are a privately owned Canadian company with 2 state-of-the-art facilities (and a third plant on the way) strategically located across Canada. Wing's is a trusted partner to pack national brands & customized products, has stringent maintenance & quality standards, and flexible production scheduling.


Do You Have A Gluten Free Product List?

We have a list of gluten free products. Please request the list from us, under the "Contact Us" section of the website with the heading "Gluten Free Product List". An administrator will get back to you as soon as they can.

Do You Make Custom Fortune Cookies?

The answer is YES! Please contact a Wing's representative on the Wing's "Contact Us" page with the date you would like the cookies by, your custom fortune message, and how many cookies you would need. Also, don't forget to provide your contact information (i.e. Name, Email, Phone Number etc) and a Wing's representative will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote provided.

Custom Fortune cookies can be a fun and exciting addition to any personal or corporate party or event!

I Have Food Allergies, Do Your Products Contain Nuts, Shellfish etc?

Allergens are disclosed on our nutritional and ingredients listings, which can be found in the "Product" section of our website.

Where Can I Find Your Products in Retail?

At the present time, there is no retail format for our sauces. We are pleased to inform you that we will be launching our retail line in the very near future.Our noodles, wrappers and fortune cookies can be found at many local Asian supermarkets, as well as many main stream grocers such as Sobey's, Loblaws, Longo's, Food Basics, and No Frills. However, due to our vast distribution channel, it is difficult to pin point exactly which retailers carry which items, as retailers use many distributors.

Equipped to Meet all Development Needs

Wing's R & D department is equipped to meet all product development requirements. We can help with custom development on one end of the spectrum right through to matching existing products on the other end. Our understanding and capability has allowed our current client base to include most major corporations of the fast food industry as well as fine & casual dining, contract feeders, industrial business and food service distributors.


Quality Assurance

At Wing's Food Products quality is assured. We have put programs in place that are of utmost importance to ensure food safety. Internal analytical checks are consistently performed across all aspects involved in the manufacturing process, from incoming raw materials straight through to the finished products.